Wind on arrangement REEL ELEKTRO:

It is intended for professional using at rewinding and metering of all sorts furniture edges
Wind on arrangement REEL ELEKTRO functions in two modes:
Semi-automatic operation of rewinding and metering the edges:
There is necessary to preset the desired length of edge on diaphragm keyboard - the set value will be displayed on display unit – after start-button being pushed the preset edge length will be wound on winding disc. This edge will then get separated using lever shears and afterwards it will be delivered to final consumer.
Inventory taking mode
The edge is rewinding using electric motor in this mode and it is measured likewise like on a classical hand winder – the length of the measured edge is displayed beginning out of zero.
The drive of arrangement is secured via efficient electric motor with worm-gear system.
Rewinding and metering can be stopped any time using the stop button PAUSE.
Touch of button START will start-up the winding into operation again.
Speed rate of winding can be regulated using potentiometer on control panel of counting mechanism.
Start and stopping of rewinding process are fluently regulated, so that no jerks occur.

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REEL ELEKTRO with the uncertified digital gage - 2.380 €

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