REEL OBS - Rewinding appliance for a two-side-adhesive-band:

převíječka REEL OBS Rewinding appliance REEL OBS enables speedy and convenient rewinding of a two-side-adhesive band. The said band can show the width from 10mm up to 50mm. The unwinding centre ring on the left will be made for you by us, accurately corresponding to the sleeves upon which the two-side-adhesive-band (you receive from your supplier) is heaved up. The winding centre ring on the right consists of two expanding parts enabling reliable sleeve clamping. The following easy removal of the said reel, after the requested quantity has been winded, is possible thanks to an eccentric releasing the expanding parts of the centre-ring. The rewinding appliance includes an uncertified digital gage calibrated in decimetres. The rewinding appliance REEL is designed and made with a view to be up to standard of high reliability and to be preferably maintenance-free.

Product price

Product price: 575 €

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