obrázek REEL ABS The rewinding appliance REEL ABS enables speedy and convenient rewinding of a furniture edge ABS of the thickness 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 mm as well as a pasting band and nature edge, which can occur both with adhesive and without it. The width of the band can amount 22(24) mm and 45 mm. There is an unwinding centre ring on the rewinding appliance left side the diameter of which we shall make for you exactly according to your specification. Should the inner diameter of your reels, the edge is to be unreeled from, be diverse (i.e. from various suppliers), we shall provide you with a centring circular ring. There is a winding centre ring on the right side that includes a twist handle and a safety taper pin that enable a convenient rewinding of the wanted edge amount. The both centre rings as well as the circular ring are made out of white plastics. The diameters of the rotary reels amount either 670mm or 750mm. The mounting base is made out of laminate. There is a lever shears situated on the rewinding appliance enabling an easy separation of the wound edge. All turning mountings are running in ball bearings and therefore they enjoy a high reliability and are maintenance-free. The rewinding appliance includes an uncertified digital gage calibrated in decimetres.

Product price

Product price: 675 €
Centring circular ring: 25 €

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