REEL 200:

REEL 200 – for unwinding from reels of up to 200m band with adhesive
převíječka REEL 200 The rewinding appliance REEL enables speedy and convenient rewinding of a pasting band or a natural edge, which can occur both with adhesive and without it. The width of the band can amount 22(24) mm and 45 mm. The unwinding centre ring will be made for you by us in the exact compliance with your specification. Should the inner diameter of your reels, carrying the band, be diverse, we shall provide you with a centring circular ring. The winding centre ring carries an revolving eccentric, which enables an easy band removal, after the desired quantity has been winded. The rewinding appliance includes an uncertified digital gage calibrated in decimetres. The rewinding appliance REEL is designed and made with a view to be up to standard of high reliability and to be preferably maintenance-free.

Product price

Product price: 295 €
Centring circular ring: 25 €

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