Uncertified digital gage DM OLEP 01:

Nestanovené digitální měřidlo DM OLEP 01 The digital gage DM OLEP 01 gets applied for measuring of the unwound ABS-furniture edge as well as natural veneer processed with pasting on machines. Measuring system is based on passing the edge between a roller with a calibrated circumference and a pressure roller. The edge is vertically guided using adjustable pins. The rewound length is indicated in decimetres on a digital counter. The counter is energized from a lithium battery with an effective life of 6 years. The said machine type is featured with measuring roller as well as digital counter being situated on the upper part of the gage body. On the gage circumference you can find 8 connecting threads M4 enabling easy mounting to the base of pasting on machine.

Product price

Product price: 185 €

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