Uncertified digital gage DM 02:

digitální počítadlo The digital gage DM 02 can be used for measuring of the ABS furniture edge having the thickness of 0.5, 1, 2, and 3 mm. It is also capable of measuring the length of the laminate pasted band as well as natural edge whereas the said procedure can occur either with or without the adhesive applied. Measuring system is based on passing the edge between a roller with a calibrated circumference and a pressure roller. The edge is vertically guided using adjustable pins. The rewound length is indicated in decimetres on a digital counter. The counter is energized using the line voltage of 230V. The digital gage DM 02 is intended for use in production works, where a high rewinding speed of the furniture edge is expected – namely over 100m/min.


Product price: 295 €

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